North Wind Production

DeeZee Productions is a small 24 track recording studio owned by Dale Zuk. The studio is equipped to handle audio jobs from demos to full-blown finished projects. It is located about 50 minutes South of Duluth on I-35, in Sturgeon Lake. For a map, click here! The rates are reasonable, and the atmosphere is relaxed and informal.

Some of our clients include:

Chiemelewski Funtime Band
The Jolly Zuks
Paul Ritchie
Jim Lekander
The Jokimaki's
Howie Wilkes
Laurie Akerman

Danish Historical Society
Max Dakota
Lorren Lindevig
Country Junction
Dave Wilen
Highway 61 Folks Festival




Shure SM81 (2)
Rodes NT2
Rodes NT1
Audix D6




Sennheiser MD421
EV ND267
AKG D112
Neumann TLM103
AKG C1000 (2)


Shure SM57 (4)
Shure SM58 (1)
Shure SM86
EV ND402

- - - --



Alesis HD24: 24 track hard disk recorder
Universal Audio LA-610 mic pre-amp
HHB Burnit CD recorder
Fostex DAT recorder
dbx 266 compressors (2)
Alesis Midiverb 4 effects
Digitech TSR12 effects
Tascam M2600 mixer
Roland DS90 monitors

Midiverb 2 effects
Midiverb 3 effects
Digitech TSR24
Tascam 202MkII cassette recorder
Alesis 32 band EQ (2)
Korg guitar tuner

There are 2 options for mixing songs.

1. Mix analog in the control room at DeeZee Productions (through 2600 mixer, using hardware effects). Can be mixed down to DAT, CD, Cassette, or onto computer (preferred).

2. Mix digitally, in computer. Requires transfer of files to North Wind Prod. (Bill's) and mixed with Cubase VST 5.1.

North Wind is located on Sand Lake, in an acoustically re-designed basement. The room is designed primarily as a mixing-mastering room. Few tracks are laid here (except for keyboards). Live tracking is done at DeeZee.

The main computer is a special PC-based design by ADK.
It features a 2.3G dual processor, 2G ram memory, and a Delta 1010 soundcard.

Steinberg's Cubase VST 5.1(multitracking)
Steinberg's Wavelab 4.0 (mastering)
Soundforge (another editor)
Acid (loop-based)
Reason (midi sequencer)
Ableton Live (loop-based)
and many plug-ins (including Universal Audio, TC Electronics, Dave Brown, Antares)

The monitors are Genelec 8030's for nearfield, and JBL 6332's for midfield.