Price List
February 29, 2004

1. You may choose any of the services you wish.
2. As far as stock goes, I keep the Photo quality paper in stock. The econo is of a lower grade and not really recommended, but I will order it if you wish. The Glossy is too expensive to keep, but will order it as needed.

North Wind Duplication Services
37010 Lake Shore Drive
Sturgeon Lake, Minnesota 55783


CD duplicate 1.00
Jewel case .30
Slimline case .20
envelope .10
Tray card (econo) .50
(Photo) .60
(Glossy) 1.00
1 page cover (booklet) (photo only) .50
Print 4 page booklet (econo) .50
(Photo) 1.00
(Glossy) 1.50
Print on CD .65
Shrink Wrap .50