These are recent projects (over the last 10 years or so) I have been working on. All are available either through me, or the link provided.

There are song samples in MP3 format to check out, also.

"The Many Faces" features 3 original songs (2 by my brother Bob and 1 by Richard Burt). I continue to explore Latin and Reggae influences, coming up with something I think of as swampreggae. I did much of it, but a large selection of musicians appear on this project, from Milkbone, BLT, the Jokimakis, and other special guests.

1. Gotta Run

2. 300 lbs of Heavenly Joy

3. Wayfaring Stranger

Embryo is a project I have done completely by myself (except for a couple of percussion parts and the Sax Ensemble). The idea was to see how hard I could push the sequencer. I chose some of my favorite songs, and the project came out pretty mellow. It also features 2 original songs by me..

1. Embryo

2. Walkin In Your Footsteps

3. Comin' Home


"Something Personal" is a gift to Wanda Shiflett, who asked me if I would sing "The Dance" at her funeral. Well, I didn't think she would die before me, so I figured I better record it. Then she mentioned a few other songs she'd like to have! I just finished this in June, 2005. There are only 7 songs, and I hadn't really thought of it as a project, just a couple tunes, but I liked it when it was done.

1. The Dance

2. Beautiful Brown Eyes

3. Do It


Paul Ritchie has been songwriter and musician since 1970, beginning with coffeehouses and other local events in the Toronto area. He was approached by a Mariposa Folk Festival orgainizer and was invited to do a performance during their outdoor concert series. He continued with the festival for several years and has worked with many native Canadian artists both in television and at other music festivals. After taking time to raise a family he has returned to his musical roots.

1. Walkin' With My Baby

2. 4th Street

3. September Town


The Blue Healers (1994-96). Basically a blues band, there is plenty of original jazz and rock in there. This is some mighty fine music by a really talented band. Monte Uggla, Jim Hall, Randy Anderson, Mark Thompson and Bill Taylor.

1. Another Man Gone

2. Take These Blues

3. Northern Lights

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Below are some other projects I have worked on the past couple of years.

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